Stuff and Shackles

Bill and Teds Bogus Basilisk

GM had a mini and a two page spread

Toilday 5th Desnus 4712

  • Ratline knocks over the water barrel trying to steal a snack

Wealday 6th Desnus 4712

  • Party drags Ratline to fetch a pail of water
  • Sea cats like brackish water – and take a bite out of everyone (except Ratline)
  • Basilisk terrifies the party – the order to run away is given… and ignored. Eyes closed battle – what could go wrong?
  • Basilisk blood rescues time-traveling stoned pirates to join the crew – have you met Bill and Ted
  • If you see a six legged lizard wearing a helmet and you sunder said helmet, expect to remain a statue for a very long time
  • Temple gets looted, but we’re not going into that back door with all the scary bat creature images in here

Oathday 7th Desnus 4712

  • Temple looting held over by popular demand – plunder is harder to carry than gold!
  • That big scary Chelaxian warship blocking the exit will go away if we wait long enough, right?



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