Stuff and Shackles

Bowling, Beer and Nagas at Rickety Squibs

She was such a Nag!

Moonday 6th Gozran 4712

  • Arrive @ Rickety Squibs
  • Upgraded decision making
  • Movable decks must be ours!

Toilday 7th Gozran 4712

  • Recruit crew (now we can afford to be officers)!

Wealday 8th Gozran 4712

  • Apparently stories about Grindylows don’t increase infamy

Oathday 9th Gozran 4712

  • Everybody goes bowlling
  • Something stole the keg!
  • Apparently fighting underwater is hard
  • It can cast spells?
  • Finally down
  • Stories about boats are much more infamous



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