Stuff and Shackles

Merchants from Leng and Warships from the past

Not particularly fond of ship to ship combat

Starday 13th Sarenith

  • Sight a ship and almost lose it… not overly fond of the encounter getting away
  • Ship has strange black lines
  • Flesh twisting poison from beyond space and time!
  • Denizen flees back to Leng and all we got are these rubies

Sunday 14th Sarenith

  • Sail to Taldas Isle looking for clerics that can cast restoration

Toilday 16th Sarenith to Moonday 22nd Sarenith

  • Hanging out waiting for Fishguts to find a cleric… or a fine dining establishment at which to moonlight.
  • Telling tales and wishing the wife was here

Toilday 23rd Sarenith

  • Looking for ships take 2

Wealday 24th Sarenith

  • Gortus Svard comes back with sorcerous artillary
  • ‘Sorry about your wife’ says the note
  • Flying chicks don’t appreciate the leopards



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