Stuff and Shackles

Second Ship

We broadsided a manticore!

Starday 9th Desnus 4712

  • Sailing to Senghor

Fireday 15th Desnus 4712

  • Arrival in Senghor
  • Selling plunder
  • Grinding reputation
  • I can has spells?
  • This is the best port ever!

Moonday 25th Desnus 4712

  • Off to Tidewater rock

Moonday 1st Sarenith 4712

  • Do we know anything about this place? Oh wait Varryn remembers overhearing its entire history somewhere…
  • We’ll talk to them, they’ll never see it coming. Can we leave Owlbear as a hostage?
  • Arvid marries Lady Agasta Smythee

Fireday 5th Sarenith 4712

  • Rahadoumi schooner off the south coast
  • They have a manticore! We have a 50hp broadside!
  • Swinging invisible bird-men sneak attacking… a mirror image
  • And some other guys are here too – lets sick a cheetah on them
  • The party sets some innocent god hating merchants adrift and claims their ship – the Sanbalot for their own



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