Stuff and Shackles

Slavers, Sleepers and Warships

Glitter 'em, pit 'em and hose 'em

Starday 25th Gozran 4712

  • Solomon shines while taking down the slaver vessel Ginger Bell. Glitter ’em, pit ’em and hose them down. Hilarity ensures.

Wealday 29th Gozran 4712

  • Aspis consortium merchants asleep at the wheel
  • Kurstav taken in the night
  • Who knew pirate ships were sneaky

Starday 3rd Desnus 4712

  • See the Devil’s Pallor attack the Sea Chanty
  • Cripple the warship Devil’s Pallor and taunt the Captain Gortus Svard, by chasing him around shooting at him until the prize (Sea Chanty) gets away



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