Stuff and Shackles

Merchants from Leng and Warships from the past
Not particularly fond of ship to ship combat

Starday 13th Sarenith

  • Sight a ship and almost lose it… not overly fond of the encounter getting away
  • Ship has strange black lines
  • Flesh twisting poison from beyond space and time!
  • Denizen flees back to Leng and all we got are these rubies

Sunday 14th Sarenith

  • Sail to Taldas Isle looking for clerics that can cast restoration

Toilday 16th Sarenith to Moonday 22nd Sarenith

  • Hanging out waiting for Fishguts to find a cleric… or a fine dining establishment at which to moonlight.
  • Telling tales and wishing the wife was here

Toilday 23rd Sarenith

  • Looking for ships take 2

Wealday 24th Sarenith

  • Gortus Svard comes back with sorcerous artillary
  • ‘Sorry about your wife’ says the note
  • Flying chicks don’t appreciate the leopards
Defenders of the Rock
Ambushed in our sllep

Fireday 26th Sarenith 4712

  • Return to check on the wife – not dead
  • “Its for you”
  • K-Kaw rides an Air Elemental into battle
  • Flying, invisible familiars (with flying invisible sorceresses too!)
  • Varryn gets water orbed into a pit!
  • The bad guys get away? Quick grab a piece of ship!
  • She’s the map

Next time – the ship that got away or Mancatcher cover

Everyone attacks us
Guess who's coming to dinner

Fireday 5th Sarenith con’t

  • Sahuagin attack just before dinner
  • [[:solomon | Solomon]] flies out and flanks the bad guys
  • Everyone else runs through the castle to watch Varryn fight the boss

Starday 6th Sarenith

  • The pirates go a hunting

Moonday 8th Sarenith

  • Sight a whaler

Toilday 9th Sarenith

  • I think that ghost ship is stalking us

Wealday 10th Sarenith

  • 3rd night – Whalebone Pilk gets his due (for a limited time only)
Second Ship
We broadsided a manticore!

Starday 9th Desnus 4712

  • Sailing to Senghor

Fireday 15th Desnus 4712

  • Arrival in Senghor
  • Selling plunder
  • Grinding reputation
  • I can has spells?
  • This is the best port ever!

Moonday 25th Desnus 4712

  • Off to Tidewater rock

Moonday 1st Sarenith 4712

  • Do we know anything about this place? Oh wait Varryn remembers overhearing its entire history somewhere…
  • We’ll talk to them, they’ll never see it coming. Can we leave Owlbear as a hostage?
  • Arvid marries Lady Agasta Smythee

Fireday 5th Sarenith 4712

  • Rahadoumi schooner off the south coast
  • They have a manticore! We have a 50hp broadside!
  • Swinging invisible bird-men sneak attacking… a mirror image
  • And some other guys are here too – lets sick a cheetah on them
  • The party sets some innocent god hating merchants adrift and claims their ship – the Sanbalot for their own
Bill and Teds Bogus Basilisk
GM had a mini and a two page spread

Toilday 5th Desnus 4712

  • Ratline knocks over the water barrel trying to steal a snack

Wealday 6th Desnus 4712

  • Party drags Ratline to fetch a pail of water
  • Sea cats like brackish water – and take a bite out of everyone (except Ratline)
  • Basilisk terrifies the party – the order to run away is given… and ignored. Eyes closed battle – what could go wrong?
  • Basilisk blood rescues time-traveling stoned pirates to join the crew – have you met Bill and Ted
  • If you see a six legged lizard wearing a helmet and you sunder said helmet, expect to remain a statue for a very long time
  • Temple gets looted, but we’re not going into that back door with all the scary bat creature images in here

Oathday 7th Desnus 4712

  • Temple looting held over by popular demand – plunder is harder to carry than gold!
  • That big scary Chelaxian warship blocking the exit will go away if we wait long enough, right?
Slavers, Sleepers and Warships
Glitter 'em, pit 'em and hose 'em

Starday 25th Gozran 4712

  • Solomon shines while taking down the slaver vessel Ginger Bell. Glitter ’em, pit ’em and hose them down. Hilarity ensures.

Wealday 29th Gozran 4712

  • Aspis consortium merchants asleep at the wheel
  • Kurstav taken in the night
  • Who knew pirate ships were sneaky

Starday 3rd Desnus 4712

  • See the Devil’s Pallor attack the Sea Chanty
  • Cripple the warship Devil’s Pallor and taunt the Captain Gortus Svard, by chasing him around shooting at him until the prize (Sea Chanty) gets away

Moonday 20th Gozran 4712

  • Party spots Elten Blade
  • Successful pirates netting 2 crew and some fish
Inky Squid has an auspicious launch
Unexpected visitors wherever we go

Fireday 10th – Starday 11th Gozran 4712

Healing days

Sunday 12th Gozran 4712

Moonday 13th Gozran 4712

Luau held over by popular demand

Oathday 16th Gozran 4712

Inky Squid has an auspicious launch at the start of the Wrights of Augustana, christened by an Andoran Free captain.

Starday 18th Gozran 4712

Varryn’s watch interupted by Sahuagin

Bowling, Beer and Nagas at Rickety Squibs
She was such a Nag!

Moonday 6th Gozran 4712

  • Arrive @ Rickety Squibs
  • Upgraded decision making
  • Movable decks must be ours!

Toilday 7th Gozran 4712

  • Recruit crew (now we can afford to be officers)!

Wealday 8th Gozran 4712

  • Apparently stories about Grindylows don’t increase infamy

Oathday 9th Gozran 4712

  • Everybody goes bowlling
  • Something stole the keg!
  • Apparently fighting underwater is hard
  • It can cast spells?
  • Finally down
  • Stories about boats are much more infamous
Whale of a good time

Moonday 30th Pharast 4712

  • Which way do we go?
  • Grindylow Queen – summoning denied
  • Bobbing for crew members
  • Whale of a grindylow eating crow, apparently the answer to does he spit or swallow is yes!
  • Party resources completely drained
  • Stirges prefer their clerics dried

Oathday 2nd Gozran 4712

  • Pass the ghost ship on the left hand side

Moonday 6th Gozran 4712

  • Approaching Rickety Squibs

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