Days of the Week

Moonday (work)
Toilday (work)
Wealday (work)
Oathday (work)
Fireday (work, market day)
Starday (work)
Sunday (rest, religion)

Months of the Year

Abadius 31 days
Calistril 28 days
Pharast 31 days
Gozran 30 days
Desnus 31 days
Sarenith 30 days
Erastus 31 days
Arodus 31 days
Rova 30 days
Lamashan 31 days
Neth 30 days
Kuthona 31 days

Holidays and Fesitvals

Albadius (January)

Longnight Full Moon defy the long winter nights by staying up to greet the dawn

Calistril (February)

Merrymead 2nd (spring is coming?)
Leap Day 29th (every 8 years)

Pharast (March)

Day of Bones 5th (Pharasma) day of the dead
Vernal Equinox
Firstbloom 21st (Gozreh)Fertility dances
Planting Week 21st-27th (Erastil) hard work in the fields

Gozran (April)

Currentseve 7th (Gozreh) sailors fast and pray for safe passage for the year
Taxfest 15th (Abadar) Tax collection, public feasts

Desnus (May)

Ascendance Day 2nd (Norgorber)

Sarenith (June)

Burning Blades 10th (Sarenrae) celebrated by dancers with flaming blades
Summer Solstice
Ritual of Stardust 21st (Desna) song and throwing dust on bonfires, love and friendship
Sunwrought Festival 21st (Sarenrae) fireworks, kites and gift giving, reenactments of the battle with Rovagug

Erastus (July)

Archerfeast 3rd (Erastil) Archery competitions and courting of eligible women
Kiandi Festival 15th – 21st Garundai festival of travels and history

Arodus (August)

Armasse 16th (Aroden, Iomedae) militia training day

Rova (September)

Day of the Inheritor 19th (Iomedae) Celebrates the absorption of Aroden`s faithful into the church
Autumnal Equinox
Harvest Feast 21st – 27th (Erastil) hard work in the field
Swallowtail Festival 21st (Desna) feasting, storytelling and release of a wagonload of butterflies

Lamashan (October)

Ascendance day 6th. (Iomedae)
Harvest Feast second Moonday

Neth (November)

Abjurant Day 8th (Nethys) train children in magic and work on community defenses
Evoking Day 18th (Nethys) fireworks displays and magical duels
Seven Veils 23rd celebration of brotherhood between all races, masquerade balls
Transmutatum 28th (Nethys) self-improvement
Skeleton Ball New Moon (Port Peril) everyone dresses up as skeletons

Kuthona (December)

Winter Week second week (Sunday to Starday) feast, courting and spending time with friends
Ascendance day 11th (Cayden Cailean)
Night of the Pale 31st Morbid revelry, ghosts of previous year pass outside the residence
Winter Solstice
Crystalhue 21st (Shelyn) artistic creation, courtship and romantic proposals
Ritual of Stardust 21st (Desna) song and throwing dust on bonfires, love and friendship


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