Character Rules

Creation Rules

Races Available
Some of these races may be available now, the party is less superstitious than Plugg and Scourge.

Race Appropriate Modifications
Core Races Yes None
Aasimars GM approval of backstory required lose 1 trait
Catfolk only for Val None
Dhampirs No None
Drow No None
Fetchlings No None
Goblins No None
Hobgoblins GM approval of backstory required None
Ifrits No None
Kobolds No None
Orcs GM approval of backstory required None
Oreads No None
Ratfolk GM approval of backstory required None
Sylphs GM approval of backstory required None
Tengus Yes None
Tieflings GM approval of backstory required lose 1 trait
Undines yes must take Flesh Chameleon racial trait
Changelings yes Sea hag descent only
Duergar No None
Gillmen GM approval required None
Gripplis No None
Kitsune GM approval of backstory required lose 1 trait
Merfolk No None
Nagaji No None
Samsarans No None
Strix No None
Sulis No None
Svirfneblin No None
Vanaras No None
Vishkanyas No None
Wayangs No None
Maenad GM consultation on backstory required None

Valid optional rules

Ultimate Campaign

  • Backgrounds – randomize your back story (you too can die during character creation). Yes
  • Retraining – buy off that stupid thing you did. Yes
  • Story Feats – Accursed, Artifact Hunter, Battlefield healer, Damned and Truth-Seeker only.
  • Drawbacks – taken to gain an extra trait. (partial see below)
Drawback Allowed?
Attached with GM approval only
Avarice No
Dependent Yes
Doubt Yes
Family Ties only if to another PC
Headstrong No
Hedonistic Yes
Lovesick No
Meticulous No
Paranoid Yes
Power Hungry No
Pride No
Provincial Yes
Sentimental Yes
Vain No
Xenophobic Yes
Zealous No

Third Party sources approved for use

Psionics Expanded Dreamscarred Press
Psionics Unleashed Dreamscarred Press

  • none of the races from these books are available
  • Maenad is available as a playable race with consultation

Book of Magic – Pirate Spells John Brazer Enterprises

  • Sunken ship replaced by Submerge Ship AP 56 p70
  • Shadow sails work like silk sails instead of increasing speed and acceleration by 50%

Wayfinder # 8

  • Argonaut – Cavalier archetype pg 30
  • Marine – Fighter archetype pg 32

Aquatic Bond Adaption

When you assume the form of an aquatic animal, your companion can take to the water by your side.
Prerequisite: Bonded companion class feature, such as an animal companion, familiar, or mount.
Benefit: When you are the subject of a polymorph effect—including spells of the polymorph subschool and the druid’s wild shape ability—and you assume the shape of an aquatic creature, your bonded companion can also assume the shape of an aquatic creature. Your bonded companion’s shape must be chosen from the list of bonded companions available in an aquatic campaign, as appropriate for your type of bond. For example, a druid’s animal companion could take the shape of a dolphin, or a witch’s familiar could take the shape of a snapping turtle. This adaptation functions as though you had targeted your bonded companion with the same polymorph effect you yourself are using, even if a creature of your bonded companion’s type is normally not affected by the effect or the effect can normally only target yourself.
Your bonded companion assumes the shape of an aquatic or amphibious creature as part of the same action that created the polymorph effect, and remains in that shape as long as you remain polymorphed. You can choose not to have your animal companion change shape with you.

Character Rules

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