Hero Points


Antiheroes can never gain or spend hero points or plot twist cards. In exchange they receive a bonus feat at 1st level.

Using Hero Points

You may spend no more than one hero point or plot twist card in a single round except when cheating death.

Act out of turn

  • Act immediately – as readied action (may not be used in a turn if you have already acted)

Bonus on Roll

  • +8 luck bonus if declared before roll
  • +4 luck bonus if declared after roll (before result is revealed)
  • Aid another (+4 before roll, +2 after roll)

Extra Standard Action

  • Gain an additional standard action on your turn (doesn’t allow casting twice)


  • GM provides a hint, if no hint available the point isn’t spent


  • Recall a used spell or gain another use of a special ability (recharged daily)


  • Reroll one d20 (before results revealed), you must take the results of the second die

Cheat Death

  • Spend 2 hero points to prevent death (you or your eidolon, mount, companion or familiar only). Target at -1hp and stabilized.

Buy a Card

  • Gain a plot twist card


  • Cast prepared (or spontaneous) spell at +2 caster level

Spontaneous Feat

  • Act as if you possessed a feat for one round (meet prerequisites)
  • Act as if you possessed a feat for one round without meeting prerequisites (DC varies)

Spell from the Aether (casting ability check)

  • Instantly prepare spell in available slot (DC 5 + spell level)
  • Cast unprepared spell (DC 10 + spell level)
  • Cast unknown spell from spell list (DC 12 + spell level)
  • Cast a spell of one level higher than normally available (DC 15 + spell level)

Bypass defences

  • Bypass non-epic damage reduction with a single attack (DC 10 + DR) CMB check
  • Bypass SR with a single spell (DC SR) concentration check
  • Bypass resistance with a single spell or attack (DC Resistance) concentration or CMB check

Impossible Skill Success

  • Use a high skill check to exceed what is normally possible with the skill (DC varies)

Hero Points

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