Legends of the Shackles

Tales of buried treasure, lost ships and relics of greedy and violent lives fuel the dreams of most Shackles Pirates.

Blinking Isle

More than 200 years ago the elven Sorcerer Hergesander of Manaket arrived on the Isle of Paterpade. Its grassy hills, empty except for ancient Ghol-Ghan tower at its center. Deep within the dank dungeons he found beneath the tower he found a strange mechanism, a relic of an earlier ago. It is said that in his fumbling attempts to understand the machine, he accidentally activated it and vanished from the world.
Nobody knows where the island went, if it goes anywhere at all, but once or twice a year it is said to reappear for a day or two before it vanishes again. They say the elf still lives, driven mad by what he sees when it vanishes. and he may not be alone. The foolish sometimes go visit the island when it appears looking for treasure or secrets. Those who visit the tower, never return…

Mutants of Bhudrek Atol

There are many strange shores in the shackles, some that should never be trod by the feet of men. Bhudrek Atoll for instance is a coral island encircling a lagoon holding a secret from beyond the stars. Many years ago, something fell from the sky and landed in the lagoon. Whatever it was has warped the wildlife of the island in terrible ways. Every so often some learned types voyage forth to investigate the strange lagoon. The few who return have their minds shattered or their bodies twisted so badly that they have to be put out of their misery.

Legend of Mancatcher Cove

Speaking of lost treasure, have you heard of Mancatcher cove? Free Captain Cyrus Wolfe, a black hearted rogue with an even greater gift for the dark arts. Famed for the daylight assault on Aspenthar, he who laughed when offered the Hurricane Throne?
The biggest haul he ever made, possibly anyone ever made – taking a convoy of Katapeshi treasure ships and hiding the bulk of it on an uncharted island- Mancatcher cove. Protected by a foul beast summoned with his dark magics from the depths of hell to crush any ship that dared to anchor in the cove.
Even under torture by the Queen of Aspentharand the Pactmasters themselves he refused to reveal its location, but it is said that he made a map before his capture…

Legends of the Shackles

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