There’s a difference between plunder and the gold pieces in a pirate’s pocket. While gold doubloons and fabulous jewelry can be plunder, pirates are rarely lucky enough to encounter a ship with a hold full of such treasures. Typically, there are trade goods, foodstuffs, spices, and valuables of a more mundane sort such as construction timber, dyed linens, crates of sugar or animal furs. In addition to streamlining the tracking of riches, this system also allows characters to increase their infamy, pay off crew members and spread their wealth.

Value of Plunder: Plunder is valuable for two reasons: It can be sold for gold pieces, and it helps you increase your Infamy and Disrepute.
In general, 1 point of plunder is worth approximately 1,000 gp, whether it be for a crate full of valuable ore or a whole cargo hold full of foodstuffs. Getting the best price for such goods is more the domain of merchants than pirates, and just because cargo might be worth a set amount doesn’t mean you can get that much for it. Exchanging 1 point of plunder for gold requires a player to spend 1 full day at port and make an applicable skill check. The larger the port and the higher the skill check, the better price the party can get for their plunder.
Those seeking to win a higher price for their plunder can make one of the following skill checks and apply the results to the table below: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, or any applicable
Profession skill, like Profession (merchant). If you are not satisfied with the offered price for the plunder, you can try for a better result the next day.

Size Base Increase DC Max DC Max GP
Thorp 100 gp 10 + 5 per 50gp DC 20 200 gp
Hamlet 200 gp 10 + 5 per 50gp DC 20 300 gp
Village 300 gp 10 + 5 per 50gp DC 20 400 gp
Small town 400 gp 10 + 5 per 50gp DC 30 600 gp
Large town 600 gp 10 + 5 per 50gp DC 30 800 gp
Small city 800 gp 10 + 10 per 50gp DC 50 1,000 gp
Large city 900 gp 10 + 10 per 50gp DC 50 1,100 gp
Metropolis 1,000 gp 10 + 10 per 50gp DC 50 1,200 gp

Storing Plunder: Each point of plunder takes up around 10 tons of cargo space.
Paying Crew: Whenever you exchange plunder for gold in a community, deduct one additional point of plunder (per ship) to represent wages for the crew.
Spending Plunder: In addition to its value in gold pieces, plunder is vital to increasing a pirate crew’s Infamy and Disrepute.
Buying Plunder: Although gold typically proves more valuable and versatile than plunder, should you wish to exchange traditional wealth for plunder, you can buy 1 point of plunder for 1,000 gp in any community.


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