Port Peril

Capital of the Shackles

CN metropoplis
Government overlord Captain Kerdak Bonefist, the Hurricane King
Population 43,270 (27,636 humans, 3,891 half-elves; 3,496 half-orcs; 2,663 gnomes; 2,230 halflings; 1,798 elves; 1,357 dwarves; 199 other)

Purchase Limit 225,000 gp; Spellcasting 8th

Beggarbriar Outside the protection of the crescent harbor and stinking of tar and tanneries it houses the lowest of the low. The drydocks mean that despite its squalor, some of the best shipwrights in the Shackles make their homes here.
Bekyar Headman’s Lodge Mwangi community on the edge of Beggarbriar.
Berth of the Sea Wraith Holy site of Besmara
The Cup and Rudder unofficial temple of Cayden Cailean.
Crescent Harbor All ships must dock here for at least a week for inspection.
Deadman’s Dance Hall Natural stone arch with cages hanging down from it, used to display kills.
Eastwind High eastwind is a rock shelf for wealthy merchants, low eastwind is slowly being reclaimed by the ocean, the roofs of lost houses rising out of the tide.
Knotworks Labyrinthine tunnels beneath the bluffs. Warehouses, shops and lean to homes.
The Locker Jail, infamous for its tidal cells.
Lucrehold The Hurricane King lives here in Fort Hazard. Also contains the lighthouse known as Besmara’s Beacon.
Margs Emporium in Knotworks, greatest collection of odds and ends (junk) for sale this side of Katapesh.
Merchant Marine Pay fees, purchase, sell and unload cargo. Also know as Misers Wharf and Pennypinchers Pier.
Mystics Redoubt Public arcane library, 1000gp/year membership + fees.
Sailfish Camp slave camp
Scrimshaw low rent brothels and vice pits. The entire quarter is decorated with sculptures.
Siren’s Lash House of Calistria
Sunken Plaza a warren of ladders, stairs, lanterns and shops. A multi-level market, built on levels of a collapsed mausoleum.

Port Peril

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