Stuff and Shackles

Pirates and Mutineers

Sunday 22nd Pharast 4712

  • Foggy approach
  • Solomon is primary defender and teleporting trickster
  • Swashbuckling swings into combat
  • Hope that sneaky guy shanks the captain!
  • That boat isn’t going to get away – shark defying zipline!
  • Solomon hides in the bilges

Moonday 23rd Pharast 4712

  • Party
  • Loot gets shared

Toilday 24th Pharast 4712

  • Assigned as prize crew to Man’s promise
  • Solomon comes out of hiding and joins the party
  • New ship – not as much fun
  • Are they taking the ship to be squibbed?
  • When will we mutiny?

Wealday 25th Pharast 4712

  • Mutiny tonight
  • Two pronged assault
  • Party gets the drop on Plugg – owlbear left alive
  • Party joins the others in assault on Scourge
  • Rosie dies during mutiny
  • Arvid named captain

What next?



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